R a n d S t e i g e r 

photo gallery

pictures of some of my teachers

  • Morton Subotnick  
  • Elias Tannenbaum  
  • Stephen Mosko  

    pictures of me with old equipment

  • Arp 2500 Synthesizer  
  • Comodore Pet Computer  
  • Buchla 300  
  • Emu Emulator and Yamaha TX-816 (with Peter Otto at CalArts) 

    with friends, colleagues, musicians

  • 13 Loops  with the EAR Unit at Tanglewood
  • Double Concerto  with SONOR at UCSD
  • Herzog/Tavener with Ensemble Sospeso in New York
  • Costinescu with Ensemble Sospeso in New York
  • My old rock band in 1971 (with Tom Zimmerman) 
  • with Milton Babbitt in 1982
  • with John Cage and Morton Feldman in 1983
  • with Elliott Carter (1983 and 2003)
  • with Donald Crokett, Libby Larson and Stephen Hartke in 1993
  • with Chaya Czernowin in 1990
  • with Daniel Druckman and Barbara Allen
  • Jacob Druckman conducting Tributaries with the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra
  • with Brian Ferneyhough and Irvine Arditti preparing for the American premiere of Ferneyhough's Terrain in 1993
  • with Alan Feinberg in Red Square, 1993
  • with Lukas Foss preparing for a performance of Tributaries at the Ojai Festival in 1987
  • with Ed Harkins at UCSD
  • with Nuria Schoenberg and Friedrich Hommel
  • with Eric Huebner from our Monday Evening Concert performance of Xenakis Eonta
  • with David Lang and Aarron Kernis in New York in 1987
  • with David Milnes and Georgia Spiropolous at a SFCMP concert in 2008
  • with Tristan Murail at June in Buffalo in 2004
  • Paul Lansky and Lepo Sumera
  • with Scott Lindroth and Claudio Ambrosini in 1995 at the American Academy in Rome
  • with Olivier Pasquet in Paris (2004)
  • Miller Puckette and Family
  • with Roger Reynolds and Janos Negyesy preparing for the premiere of Reynold's Personae in 1992
  • with Pandit Ravi Shankar in 2007
  • With Kirk and Spock on the Enterprise Transporter  
  • Brahms and Stockhausen in 1868 
  • the famous State Room scene from the Marx Brother's Night at the Opera