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Vertiginous Tracks

score image

Vertiginous Tracks will be a sound and light installation over the escalators in Walt Disney Concert Hall, opening on October 1, 2016, and continuing through the 2016-17 concert season. Commissioned by the Los Angeles Philharmonic, the project will be produced by Yuval Sharon and The Industry, with music and sound design by Rand Steiger.

32 speakers and LED lighting will be encased in theatrical clouds, with the speakers projecting sound that will reflect off the complex architectural surfaces above the escalator corridor.

WDCH EscalatorsspaceWDCH above escalators

Throughout the day, the installation will change between three modes of operation: extremely quiet (almost unnoticable); ambient (subtly changing the soundscape of the space); and performative, when various compositions of 5-10 minutes, some featuring soloists from the L.A. Philharmonic, will emerge in a more assertive way. The mode, material, amplitude, and complexity of the music will be influenced by sensors that track the presence of patrons and the noise level in the space. Data from the environment outside of the concert hall will also influence the schedule and levels. Every hour of every day will unfold differently.

Vertiginous Tracks draws inspiration from Angel’s Flight Railway, the funicular that carried passengers up and down nearby Bunker Hill from 1901 through 2014. Just as the railway retained its identity while the city around it changed radically, our installation will transform the experience of riding the escalators when arriving or departing Walt Disney Concert Hall.

Angel's Flight 1spaceAngel's Flight 2

Angel's Flight 3spaceAngel's Flight 4

More information about the project will be posted here soon.