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mourning fog

Composed for: Katinka Kleijn (as part of the Coalesence Cycle for ICE)

April 2014, Sweet Thunder Festival, San Francisco

16 minutes

Date: 2012

Instrumentation: cello and electronics


Audio (coming soon)

Program note:

Along the coast in San Diego, mornings are often cloudy, and fog sometimes blankets the Los Peñasquitos marsh near my home. As the fog dissipates and the sun appears, revealing sea birds, plants and reflective water, the somber stillness of the early morning gives way to the sights and sounds of vibrant marsh life. I had this transition in mind when I wrote Mourning Fog, which also reflects on what I experienced after suffering a personal loss, with the all-encompasssing feeling of melancholy gradually--almost imperceptibly--lifting over time. You will hear the cello, accompanied by it's own sound captured and transformed as the piece progresses. There are no pre-recorded or synthesized sounds.